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Dean de Lucca - Multimedia producer, composer and ghost producer

Dean de Lucca

A married composer, multimedia nut, perfectly honest serial chocolate eater, a fantasy island caretaker and father of a baby girl.

Nice to meet you!

I compose, produce and ghost produce pop, dance, hip hop, ambient and orchestral music for various libraries, publishers and artist around the globe.

I'm also a camera guy, video editor and post production designer working on company presentations and music videos.

Php, Css, Html5, with strong Photoshop design skills - yes, I create clean and functional websites.

You can find me on the road between Germany, UK and Japan. But we can always meet on the Internet. Drop me an e-mail or add me to your social network and say Hi.

Dean de Lucca Freelance Multimedia Designer Producer

More than 250 releases

Composer, producer, arrangement programmer, audio mixer and ghost producer.

I produce, remix and compose pop, dance, hip hop and ambient tracks for customers and music libraries. My clients include over 100 bands and solo projects, as well as larger companies who license tracks for commercial, internal and/or educational use.

I'm currently under non-exclusive contract to several large publishers including Warner, Universal, Musicdealers, Getty Music and others. Custom tracks are always an option and a challenge. Just let me know what you need, how soon and I'll see what I can do.

Listen to some samples on Soundcloud, Apple Music or Spotify (coming soon). You are also more then welcome to add me to your Spotify playlist and buy tracks on iTunes or your favorite store.

Over 100 videos

I have been a camera guy, a director and editor of over 100 music and other videos in various genres.

Company Image videos, post production with animations and show intro movies. I am a one-man production that replaces a team of dozens. I have been known for being able to do something out of nothing.

A small sample of my work - please note - first two mixes represent my audio work, as composer and producer, and the rest are samples of music videos.

  • DANCE / POP MUSIC MIX - All Tracks Produced by Dean de Lucca

  • APRES SKI PARTY PRODUCTION MIX - All Tracks Produced by Dean de Lucca

Design & coding

Website design & coding. Simple, responsive and effective without distractions. Straight to the point. Nothing more, nothing less.

Need a sample? You're currently visiting one of them. Now that's one simple website you can't get lost on, right? It will also look great on your phone, tablet or a desktop computer.

Need my help?

Would you like to listen to the catalog of productions, licence a song, create a remake, like us to make a remix of your track, edit or shoot your video?

Let's talk.

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